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Tripping Problems Should NOT be ignored

We get calls from time to time about fuses constantly blowing or trips tripping and quite often the customer will say...
"it has been happening for a while, but I didn't bother you until now, because now it’s happening a lot more frequently..."
What needs to be understood here is that fuses and trips blow for a reason, they are safety devices that protect a circuit.
When a fuse blows the problem is not with the fuse but with something in the circuit, if you just replace the fuse or turn the trip back on without discovering what blew it in the first place, then you could potentially damage either the cable or your equipoment or lights  in that circuit.
In some cases we can diagnose the location of the fault over the telephone making it easier to find the issue, in doing this we have helped many customers restore power for the interim period whilst waiting for an electrician.
So if you have a fuse or trip swich that blows regularly and you don't know why, consider having the circuit checked before it damages the circuit further making it a more expensive repair and or worse injuring someone. As an electrician I cannot stress the importance of this enough, I have seen the results when this type of issue is ignored, and by then it can be costly to repair / replace.
Keep Safe.

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