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The Run up to Christmas

In the run up to Christmas time many of us can get carried away with shopping, wrapping presents,  organising the visits to relatives and everything else the season brings and as a result it is easy to forget to deal with some of the more mundane things...

  • The light that occasionally doesn't work

  • The socket that crackles when you plug something in

  • The RCD switch on the unit that trips intermittently

  • The Electric Shower that gives off an odd smell when used

All these things, and others that you know about, are often put off as “we will deal with that later, any one of these things could spoil your Christmas. If you know or suspect, you have a problem then call an electrician and have it dealt with now.

Just Imagine your house on Christmas morning, your teenage son jumps in the shower and mid-way through his hour long singing fest the power fails, you call your local Electrician.  

You find out that the good electricians  are booked out on three or four similar calls on Christmas Day.  

We have to say at times, that we may be able to get to you by 4 o’clock in the afternoon,  and by the way it’s Christmas, so it will be more expensive. 

With Christmas just a few weeks away,  this is now an expensive time of year for us all. 

The last thing we need is a hefty bill on top of everything, because we had to call out a tradesperson over the Christmas period.

You scratch your head and think ...I knew there was something wrong with that shower and I meant to have it looked at.... Well it’s too late and the Christmas you have prepared for, may not happen how you expected it to be.

We get numerous calls on Christmas Day from new and old customers over the area with an Electrical Emergency.  These call-outs could have been for things that could have been avoided, so think carefully and plan ahead, what do you need resolved to ensure your Christmas goes as planned.

Also please remember the risk that extension leads and overloading sockets can cause issues.

We may all want our homes to look lovely at Christmas with all those fantastic lights. But if you do not have enough sockets consider your options, maybe you can go for battery operated items instead and of course you can always add some additional sockets.

The one solution is to give Your Local Electricians at Bright Spark a call, we’ll be happy to help.   Phone us NOW 01892 531728

On a Positive note may I wish you, and your family a very Happy Christmas

If you do have an electrical emergency and you have lost power - check out our Help and Advice page


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