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Surge Protection

Electrical Surges are also known as "transient overvoltage’s, the electric surges affect the power, and telecommunications systems in a very short burst (momentarily overloading components).  

The surges can commonly be caused by lightning, or from switching of large electrical loads elsewhere in your electrical system, or from buildings/ homes close by.

Lighting strikes literally last less than one millisecond, but can reach 6000v.  (Your electrical system is around 240v).  Lightning strikes can affect your electrical system, even if they are a mile or so away, and are known to be the largest of the over voltages.

The switching of other equipment is a lot less in voltage, however can be more frequent, so for example if you lived near a farm, or supermarket etc, the switching on and off large compressors could cause a rise in the voltage.

These electrical surges have been around since we have started us electricity, but with the advent of modern technology, these issues have been magnified.

The 18th edition of the wiring Regulations have brought in the requirement for surge protection.

The result of the Power Surges, are:

  • Disruption - power shut off or cut off.
  • Degradation - Electrical components in your property are weakened.
  • Damage - electrical components or equipment can be damaged.
  • Downtime - in the case of businesses - down time. 

Obviously, there is a cost for installing the Surge Protection Devices, and this can vary depending on your installation.

So, do I need surge protection?

As registered electricians, we must offer it.

It is not compulsory (as far as the regulations let us for domestic installations)

However, it is recommended.

The Surge protection devices are rapidly reducing in cost, when news broke to the electrical industry in 2018, the units were very expensive, however over the months since, the units are affordable.

Assessment of your electrical requirements regarding Surge protection.

Look around you home, how much tech have you got?    

Insurance company normally covers surge protection, however if you have a really expensive music system, as opposed to a CD player / radio, then we would recommend the installation of a Surge Protection Device.  

Should you work from home, and have many computers and associated equipment then again please consider a Surge Protector, how much down time, damage, and disruption can you or your business suffer?

The regulations cover Shops, offices, commercial establishment, industrial & housing schemes It is vital that the Surge protection Devices meet the latest safety & technical standards to ensure that they will offer the right level of protection to you  and your property against the repeated “worst case scenario “ over voltages.  Everyone should consider Surge Protection Devices, along with properties away from town, out in the country side

The surge Protection Devices must be installed by Electrical Contractors.  Bright Spark are registered on the Electrical Safety Register, and are also Registered Approved Electrical Contractors with the NICEIC.  They are not for DIY’ers (commonly known as DIY Dave).

Please give us a call or email us for a free survey of your electrical system along with the equipment that you are using in order for us to assist you. 

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