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Ensuring Your Home Is Electrically Safe For Your Child

Children, by nature, are curious and will especially do what they’re not supposed to do like poke or touch an electrical wire or socket. Yanking cords from power supplies can be dangerous too.

So what can you do to keep your child safe?

  • You need to continuously educate and make sure that your child is not left unattended. You need to keep saying sternly “No touching or sticking any objects like pens, forks or fingers in sockets.”  
  • Find out all reachable wires and outlets and cover them with sliding plate covers.
  • Unplug all devices when not in use, particularly in the bathroom and kitchen where kids are likely to get into the most trouble.
  • Use a cord shortener for dangling wires as children can not only fall over but also bring down the electrical appliance attached to it. Hence it is important to neatly organize all cords and keep them hidden to prevent entanglement. This can be done using cable ties, sleeves, covers, or wraps.
  • Outside your home, kids and pets need to be kept away from electrical meters and transformers. Do not let them climb ladders or trees that can reach power lines.

Childproofing your home against potentially exposed electrical outlets is a must as many children die due to electrocution or get seriously hurt.

Let us help you plan your home electrical arrangements accordingly.

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