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Energy Saving Gadgets Save Ever Increasing Electric Bills

With people becoming more environmentally conscious, energy saving products or “green gadgets” can actually help you save hard earned money.

Here are some gadgets that are totally worth and will actually help you save electricity:

Smart thermostats: as the name suggests, this programmable thermostat learns when and how you use heating and air conditioning. Using this pattern, these thermostats can efficiently bring down your electricity bill by 40 percent.

Halogen and fluorescent bulbs have been largely replaced by LED. Bright, safe, and economical.

Let the remote or your smartphone manage all your electrical devices. Anything that you left on, the energy management system will inform you.

Buying energy star rated products can save you a significant amount in its working, so much so that you can use the saved amount to pay for the product.

Another reason for high electric bills is phantom power leaks, charging stations automatically switch off and stop leaks when electronics that are plugged but not turned on.

Hard to reach plugs behind the TV, under the computer table or behind furniture that has appliances plugged into, consider using a smart power strip. That way you won’t have to unplug all devices.

Some of these gadgets may be expensive but totally worth the price as it will cut down on your bill drastically. Stay safe, all the while saving on huge electricity bills!

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