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Arm Yourself with Electrical Safety Tips For You And Your Loved Ones

We cannot think of surviving without electricity, even more so with the advent of innumerable modern gadgets. But, ironically, if we are not careful with its use, it can lead to serious injuries and may even prove fatal.

“’Do not to touch with wet hands” or “Do not insert metal objects into electric sockets” or “Stay away from appliances especially in the kitchen and bathrooms” –  these are some of the things we’ve heard since childhood.

Here’s a list of some common knowledge stuff that can come in handy:

  • Overloading outlets can be prevented by plugging in just one–heating producing appliance at a time. Smart plugs can be used to prevent over-heating.
  • Cords can be damaged by if they are stapled or nailed to be kept in place. Never do that! Insulation can be damaged, and if wrapped tightly around objects can stretch and break.
  • Ever wondered why space is left behind appliances and avoided being kept in enclosed cabinets? For air circulation. Cleaning exhaust fans of equipment can prevent fires due to overheating.
  • “Read instructions before use”- do not ignore this message on your appliances. Keep flammable objects away from appliances, especially pressurized containers.

Beware! Life is too precious to be wasted due to carelessness. DIY or otherwise, let us be of help to you!

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‘Excellent service, quick and very efficient. Tidy work. No problem recommending Karen and her team. Will definitely use these guys again!’

Angela, Tunbridge Wells

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Di, Paddock Wood

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Jo, Collier Street

This company was recommended by some people on the Streetlife website. I wanted new lights installed in my kitchen, dining room and conservatory. Karen got back to me within minutes of my email and both Ian and Robin proved to be efficient, friendly and tidy workmen. I will be keeping their business card handy for future use.

Jacqueline, Penshurst

I have used Bright Sparks for two jobs and have been delighted with the quality of the work carried out. Karen is very knowledgeable in her subject and her staff are very well trained , courteous and hard working. I would highly recommend the company without hesitation.

Linda R, Crowborough