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Are Your Home DIY Projects Electrically Safe?

Your body can face multiple health risks if it experiences an electric shock, like skin burns, unconsciousness, and even cardiac arrest! Hence, the first and most essential is to follow these practical safety instructions:


  • Wear rubber-soled slippers/shoes because the rubber doesn’t conduct electricity.
  • While using any kind of tool, e.g., pliers, wire strippers, etc. make sure their handles are properly insulated.


However, this was just the beginning, since working with wires and circuit breakers can also have lethal consequences if not handled correctly.


  • Before you work on wires, with the help of a socket tester, make sure that your voltage meter is working efficiently. First test on a live wire and then on a switched off the circuit.


  • Always remember to switch off the power in the circuit before working on it and that it remains switched off at all times.


  • Making a connection between wires should be done neatly; no bare wires should be visible as well as no loose connections.


Doing home DIY is no doubt a fun and exuberant process where you not only learn a lot of new stuff but in the end, the result is definitely something to be proud of. I hope you enjoy doing home DIY while being protected from potential incidents due to lack of electrical knowledge.

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